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Chocolate and Wine are the Keys to Lasting Weight Loss

Shed the Deprivation. Shed the Pounds.


SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

5 Days. 5 Lessons. 5 Steps to Re-shaping Your Approach to Weight Loss.

During this FREE online, interactive adventure for women only, you'll learn how to change your thinking about food and about yourself so that you can ditch the "diet" mentality and lose weight for good. Over the course of five days I will help you...

  • Ditch the idea that you deserve to be restricted or punished in order to lose weight.

  • Break through the old excuses and see that losing weight is possible even if you "failed" before.

  • Learn how to incorporate indulgences into your weight loss strategy so that you can keep them in your life.

  • Start making choices today that support your goals and recognize that you have the power to succeed within you right now.

  • See all the ways that you can work with your body to make it your ally, not your enemy.

  • Realize that YOU are not broken, the "diet" system is broken.

Ready to

Ditch the Diet Mentality?

We start Monday, September 27th!


Hi and Welcome! I'm Kym Porter, founder of Squat to Sip and the health coach who knows that your life is best lived in your "sweet spot": when your nutrition choices give you a body that works for you for the long term but also keep the joy and love in eating and drinking.

I know exactly what it's like to feel like your body just isn't working for you anymore and the distress of not being able to lose weight despite try after try. Finally, after losing 35 pounds in my early 50s, I found the key - and found my passion to help other women shed the weight that holds them back.

If you're like me and the women I've helped, this isn't the first time you've tried to lose weight. You might even feel like an expert in the lose/gain/lose/gain cycle. And maybe you're even thinking that *this time* the cabbage soup diet will finally work for good....

As a result: frustration, shame, disappointment, and more self-punishment. And honestly, how much more cabbage can you really eat?

You can break out of this cycle. You can lose weight, keep it off, and still enjoy eating (and drinking if that's your thing)!

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