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Coach Kym


Kym struggled with nutrition and fitness for most of her life, jumping on and off various "diet" bandwagons as well as fitness fads. Chances are if it's out there, she's tried it. Cabbage Soup Diet, Beverly Hills Diet, Carb-Cycling, Trampoline workouts ... yep, done them all.

In her late 30s, with three small children, she started running - in part to help with weight loss, in part just to get away from her three small children. Feeling the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise led her to begin strength training and eventually to earning her certification as a Personal Trainer with NASM and to various certifications teaching group exercise classes. But the weight was still a struggle, despite a now regularly-active lifestyle.

The final puzzle piece came by working with a nutrition coach - taking all the information she had in her head about the "rules" of healthy eating and re-creating that information into daily practices that made it liveable and doable. She also breaks some of those rules, because sometimes life requires a cocktail. In her early 50s and through menopause - a time when many people claim weight loss isn't possible - she lost weight and became a Precision Nutrition-certified Coach.

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